Protecting workers is the best way to protect employers,
now and into the future.

Workplace Health and Safety Network provides training and consulting services to help employers throughout Ontario with all aspects of injury and disability prevention in the workplace.

We want to help you develop a solid infrastructure of risk management and health and safety prevention.

Workplace injuries can have a devastating impact on the lives of workers and their families.
And they can seriously affect an employer’s bottom line.
At Workplace Health and Safety Network, our ultimate goal is to guide you to ‘behavioral compliance’ for results that can be measured in:

Pillars of a Strong Internal Responsibility System:

Solid Health and Safety Infrastructure

Proactive Claims Management Procedures

Our Mission

We want to help you prevent or reduce future injuries, risks, and liabilities.

We can assist with immediate needs, but we want to help you develop a solid foundation to build on, over time, with customized training and consulting.

Our Services

Workplace Health and Safety Network, is the trade name for 7737696 Canada Inc. We provide employers throughout Ontario and across Canada with the most cost-effective, reliable, and trustworthy health and safety training and consulting.

Even the very best employers can, unfortunately, experience a fatality. Our other company, Charlebois Associates, has the best legal defence you need.

Checklist regulatory compliance does not protect your employees or your bottom line. There is always a return on your investment with meaningful health and safety prevention efforts specifically targeted to your company’s needs and risks.

Our associated company, Charlebois Associates, offers the best OHS Legal Defense
for Ministry of Labour charges, fines, and orders that should be disputed including
critical injuries or fatalities.

Protect your workers and your bottom line

Many good employers are shocked when a tragic incident occurs.
They go decades with no lost time claims, no critical injuries or no fatalities.
Then an awful incident happens. 
It is human nature for accidents, distractions, errors, and mistakes to happen.
But with a consistent commitment to health and safety, and a dependable safety culture
and IRS, these can be minimized and reduced.

Here For You

We are on-call 24 hours daily to
assist with critical injury reporting,
investigations, surprise Ministry of
Labour Inspections, and high-risk
situations. Our work schedules and
billing methods are flexible to meet
your needs.

Call us at 1-877-925-7070
  to start slashing your workers’ compensation costs
and reducing workplace injuries.