Course 3: Intent to Object

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This form should be completed for almost every benefit / LOE granting decision, to bookmark and protect your future right to go to appeals.

Each lesson within this course consists of an instructional video, handouts, and a quiz.

  • What is the ITO?
  • What is the purpose of the ITO?
  • Law & Policy
  • Why is the ITO so important?
  • When should the ITO be completed?
  • What should go on the ITO?
  • What happens if you miss the time limit

Even though a lawyer teaches this course, the information provided is educational and is not legal advice. Attending a webinar or purchasing this program and/or utilizing the information taught does not form a solicitor-client relationship. If you want legal advice, contact Charlebois Associates at and sign a retainer agreement first. Each situation is unique, and there are many subtle but very important ways that claims can differ.

These training courses promote continuing competence and quality improvement in the WSIB claims management process. The goal of this training program is to give you the ability to be analytical, proactive, and informed while managing WSIB claims. With that knowledge, you will know when to get legal help.

  • Course Four: Gather the Data – Coming Soon
  • Course Five: Front-End Claims Management – Coming Soon
  • Course Six: Documentation – Coming Soon
  • Course Seven: Overlapping Legal Obligations – Coming Soon
  • Course Eight: Appeal Ready Files – Coming Soon
  • Course Nine: Psychological Injury Claims – Coming Soon
  • Course Ten: The Legal Framework, Fair Hearings, and Employer’s Rights – Coming Soon

Cézanne Charlebois

M.A., LL.B / Vice President ­­­­- Managing Director / Certified Specialist, Workplace Safety and Insurance Law, Management-Side WSIB Law and Employment Law

Cézanne is a lawyer who practices almost exclusively in management-side WSIB law. She owns Charlebois Associates and Workplace Health and Safety Network. One company helps with WSIB claims management and appeals after workplace injury or fatality, and the other tries to help employers prevent injuries in the first place. She is a passionate advocate who fights tenaciously for her clients. Yet, her relentless pursuit of achieving her client’s objectives never compromises her professionalism and integrity.