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Consulting and support to help you build a solid foundation for the prevention of injuries and proactive claims management.

No matter what health and safety challenges your organization may encounter, we are ready to work with you to assess your needs, evaluate options, and develop solutions. Whether you require one-time only assistance or a full range of services. 

Even the very best employers can, unfortunately, experience a fatality. There is always a return your investment with meaningful health and safety prevention efforts. Checklist regulatory compliance does not protect your employees or your bottom line.

Custom Fee-Based Solutions

We are proud to provide custom solutions and support for the following
employer responsibilities and more. You are not alone.

Downloadable Resources & Guides

Access all our valuable E-books, checklists, cheat sheets, templates and more.

IRS for Employers Everywhere!

What is the Internal Responsibility System (IRS)? The challenge for employers, and why promote and develop a strong IRS?

OHS Policy with IRS for Employers to Edit and Post

Free template for your Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policy to post in the workplace.

It incorporates a commitment to the IRS. This policy should be reviewed and revised for continuous improvement and resigned and posted every 12 months.

WSIB Form 7 - Employer's Report of Injury/Disease

Fillable PDF to download, complete, and save offering a fast, effective solution for managing yoru Form 7 reports with the WSIB

Workplace Accident Investigation Report for Employers

Complete this for every claimed injury.

Blank Pain Form

Use with the Accident Investigation for all claims.

Witness Statement Template

To obtain detailed witness statements right after the claimed injury.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Checklist

To gather information from workers about occupational and non-occupational contributing factors.

Intent to Object Form

Complete this form for every WSIB decision allowing benefits to protect or bookmark your future right to object to a decision at any time in the next 6 years. Learn more in the Intent to Object Training Module

WSIB Self-Evaluator

The Self-Evaluator helps employers understand roles and responsibilities when workplace injuries or illnesses occur, evaluate if they are complying with legislative requirements, and identify and address any issues in the reporting process.