Private, Customized Health & Safety Training

Prevent injuries and reduce the impact of compensation claims.

Workplace Health and Safety Network is pleased to offer in-person learning opportunities and interactive experiences in addition to virtual learning. We offer a variety of topics with customization available to meet your unique needs.

To address your company’s immediate needs, we offer consulting services. Then our mission is to assist you in developing a strong IRS and a dependable safety and claims management infrastructure. It is easy to build a safety infrastructure and IRS over time if you have a plan.

Joint Health & Safety Committee Training

In Ontario, if your company is provincially regulated with 20 or more workers, you must have a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC).

On that committee, at least one manager and one worker must receive JHSC Certification Training.

Ensure your company is ready for a random Ministry of Labour Inspector visit. They often ask: “What are the top four hazards in this business? And what are you doing to prevent them? Please show me.” Will your team know how to answer these questions?

Why our 3-Day Part I is the best value:

  • First training provider approved by the Ministry of Labour's Chief Prevention Officer.

  • Training provided by experienced OHS professionals and a lawyer who practices exclusively in OHS and WSIB matters.

  • Goes beyond mere compliance to improving work processes on a daily basis. Knowing laws, standards and practices is just the start.

  • Highly interactive which improves retention and motivates change and safer conduct.

  • Our training requires a higher level of learner interaction, which helps turn learning competencies into behavioral expectations.

  • Geared towards progressive companies wanting workplace injury reduction and more value for their training dollars.

  • Flexible to meet your onsite production needs in terms of hours, shifts, and weekends.

  • Monthly or quarterly training at your location to meet your needs, schedule and budget.

  • Able to deliver a Joint Health and Safety Program to each of your locations across Canada.

  • Special reduced rates for onsite groups.

We do not offer cookie cutter, regulatory compliance training. Our goal is to improve your Internal Responsibility System for long term changes that keep your workers safe and improve your bottom line.

JHSC Certification Training

We offer private full-day and multi-day in-person training sessions. Training with only your team facilitates better learning and sharing without risking reputational damage or accidental sharing of information that should remain internal. 

While classes open to the public may be cheaper, they present risks of improper sharing and often provide only check-list style learning. Workplace Health and Safety Network customize training specifically to your business and your team.

To keep sessions interactive, we provided training to groups of 10 – 25 participants per class. Special rates apply for onsite groups pre-booked with more than 12 participants.

OHS/WSIB Training

Your hands are not tied.

We provide advice, prevention strategies and current training events to help you cut through the red tape, save your bottom line and make decisions now that will help your protect your future interests.

We aim to raise the level of knowledge, create greater accountability, and increase the level of performance by all parties.

WSIB Courses

We teach your disability team how to proactively manage WSIB claims to reduce risks, liabilities, and costs.

WSIB Fundamentals


WSIB Cost Cutting

WSIB Appeals

WSIB Claims Management

WSIB and OHS Update

New Rate Framework (Jan 2020) and what that means for your company

Managing & Appealing Complex & Costly WSIB Claims

S.P.I.C.E. Reducing Costs & Incidence of Occupational Injuries


Ministry of Labour JHSC Part1 (3 Days)

Risk Management Courses

Pre-employment Screening and medical and hiring in a deficient labour economy

Due Diligence for Owners, Supervisors & Managers

Internal Responsibility System

Violence & Harassment Prevention 

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