Workplace Health & Safety Network Courses

We are pleased to present online training by a lawyer who is a Certified Specialist in Workplace Safety and Insurance Law
with 20 years of experience helping employers throughout Ontario.

The WSIB Claims Management & Appeals

Fundamentals for Employers

Are you responsible for WSIB Claims in Ontario or Workers’ Compensation Claims anywhere in Canada?

These courses help employers manage their claims in the short term and lay a foundation for appeals in the long term while lowering premiums and liabilities. Even if someone else handles your claims, these courses are essential.
Our objective is to help every employer develop an infrastructure of dependable risk management in OHS and WSIB matters to reduce injuries, risks, costs and liabilities.


Lesson 1:

Form 7 Essentials

You’ve been completing them for years. Learn how to complete them like a legal document that will protect the employer, steer the claim in the right direction and help with appeals.

February 8 - $395.00 plus taxes

Lesson 2:

Return to Work

Almost every Form 7 should be uploaded with a very accommodating offer of modified duties in writing.

February 15 - $395.00 plus taxes

Lesson 3:

Intent to Object

This form should be completed for almost every benefit / LOE granting decision, to bookmark and protect your future right to go to appeals.

February 22 - $395.00 plus taxes

New Courses Coming Soon

Why Train Your Team?

Learn who should take this training and why. And our goals for Employer Advocacy. Review the 10 Lesson Outline for the WSIB Fundamentals program and more.

Upcoming Courses in this Series

Lesson 4 : Gather the Data
Lesson 5 : Front-End Claims Management
Lesson 6 : Documentation
Lesson 7 : Overlapping Legal Obligations
Lesson 8 : Appeal Ready Files
Lesson 9 : Psychological Injury Claims
Lesson 10 : The Legal Framework, Fair Hearings, and Employer’s Rights


Even though these courses are taught by a lawyer, the information provided is educational. It is not legal advice in any way. Purchasing and/or utilizing any of the information taught does not form a solicitor-client relationship. Each situation is unique, and there are many subtle but very important ways that claims can differ from each other. These training courses are designed to raise your knowledge and competence in WSIB claims management and appeals. The goal of this program is to give you the ability to be analytical, proactive, and informed while managing WSIB claims. With that knowledge, you will know when you need to get legal help. 

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