Course Description

You’ve been completing them for years. Learn how to complete them like a legal document that will protect the employer, steer the claim in the right direction and help with appeals.

Each topic within this lesson consists of an instructional video, handouts, and quizzes.

Why WISB Training? Identifying Gaps in Knowledge, Skills and Competence

  1. Provincially regulated employers across Canada require training.
  2. Currently, there is no experienced, reliable source for comprehensive training available to employers.
  3. Law school, paralegal program, OHS, or HR programs are deficient.
  4. How employers usually learn: experience, many times the hard way, by a disastrous claim experience.
  5. Helpful tools, insights, and guidance based on almost two decades of legal experience focusing exclusively on WSIB law.
  6. The foundational principles are the same for all provincially regulated employers throughout Canada.
  7. Employers have overlapping regulatory, administrative and legal obligations. It is challenging to balance numerous legal obligations, employment contracts, collective agreements, and standards of practice while minimizing risks and costs.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • The legal importance of the Employer’s Statement of Injury or Disease
  • Law & Policy
  • The Accident Investigation: Getting the Facts
  • Critical Sections of the Form 7
  • Liability for Signature
  • Objecting to Initial Entitlement on the Form 7 
  • Amending the Form 7